Tuesday, August 30, 2011


The work week occupies so much time. I wish I had more time for my art. Right now all I want to do is devour the bowl of popcorn I popped (with real butter) and watch Midsommer Murder Mystery. But first I will talk about clouds.

Tonight a variety of clouds filled the sky but also offered open space for pure blue. I sat outside Owijamaya grocery store and ate a couple very greasy and day-old tasting vegetarian egg rolls while watching the clouds. I thought about change, transformation, change of function and change of form and how life mirrors what the sky does so effortlessly. I am sure way up there in the cloud stratosphere there are great gusts of wind pushing and pulling and forcing change to happen. From where I sat it appeared that the changes occurred on drifts and subtle shifts. In some areas of the sky I had to look for a very long time until I noticed any movement at all.

I like to think that my sculptures do this too. They don't change form or function but they do make subtle shifts with light and movement offering new perspectives for as long as you want to look.

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